5 Signs You Need to Hire a TV Antenna Repair Service

Are you tired of paying a small fortune each month for cable service for TV?

If so, you’re not alone. That’s why so many people have begun switching back to the old-school simplicity of a TV antenna.

After all, once an antenna is installed, you never have to worry about paying to watch your favorite network shows. In fact, you can watch all the TV programs you want, totally free of charge.

The key is to make sure your antenna stays in good working condition. But how can you know when it’s time to hire a TV antenna repair service?

This article takes a look at 6 signs that your antenna needs to be fixed. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Poor Reception

Let’s start by talking about poor TV reception. After all, this is one of the most obvious signs that you’re having a problem with your antenna.

Start by making sure that your TV isn’t the problem. Unplug it for a few minutes. If the reception problem continues, go ahead and run the automated channel search.

Once you’ve determined that your TV is fine, it’s problem time to call a pro to have your antenna serviced.

2. Your Antenna Is Damaged

Another obvious sign that you need regular antenna maintenance is when you can see physical damage.

For a roof antenna, go outside and look up at the roof. Can you see visible damage to your antenna?

The most obvious signs of damage could include broken parts, a detached coaxial cable, or bent metal from strong winds, heavy rains, or lightning strikes.

3. Your Antenna Won’t Pick up Many Channels

A good working antenna should be able to pick up at least a half dozen HD channels. This includes the major network broadcast channels, along with local channels from towers in your area.

When you discover a lack of channels, go into settings and perform an automated channel search. This should solve the problem. But if it doesn’t, go ahead and have your antenna serviced.

Be sure to check out a quality repair company like Nu Life TV Antenna Service.

4. The Picture Cuts Out

It’s important to keep in mind that as antennas age, they can rust, causing them to not be able to turn properly when adjusted. In addition, the coaxial cable can become frayed. Keep in mind that problems with antenna cables can be a headache.

When this happens, you will likely notice problems with the picture on your screen.

The only solution is to either replace your antenna or have it serviced as soon as possible.

5. There’s No Picture at All

When there’s no picture on your TV, something is obviously wrong. The key is to go through the normal troubleshooting steps, including powering your TV on and off, then call to have your antenna serviced.

A Homeowner’s Guide to Hiring a TV Antenna Repair Service

Has your TV started acting strange? This could be a sign you need to find a TV antenna repair service to fix the problem.

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