7 easy points for finding the right gaming monitor

Gaming is an experience. At least, most avid gamers would agree to that. While you need accessories, a gaming monitor is among your primary purchases. Since we are talking of gaming here, you have to be a bit more specific. The good news is you can find a bunch of affordable options under $500. A good 4K gaming monitor is an investment for the next couple of years at the least. Here are 7 easy points that will help you choose one. 

  1. Panel type. The first decision with regards to the panel type. As far as image quality is concerned, TN panels fare better, while IPS panels have decent refresh rates and better response. VA panels are somewhere in between. When in doubt, go for VA panels.
  2. Refresh rate. This refers to the number of times the gaming monitor refreshes the image on the screen. If you don’t want to get into the tech details, just know that bigger is better. 
  3. Response time. You want the response time of the gaming monitor to be as short as possible. Just check the details when you make a purchase. 
  4. Size. When it comes to gaming monitors, you don’t want a huge screen, because you will be pretty close to the screen, and a big monitor will only strain your eyes further. A sweet spot is somewhere between 26 and 30 inches. 
  5. Curved monitors are expensive. Unless you have a huge budget, you shouldn’t be thinking of buying a curved model. Of course, the viewing experience is way better with these monitors, and even a bigger model wouldn’t strain the eyes. 
  6. Resolution. This is one of the key important factors to consider. At the least, you need a 4k monitor, which shouldn’t cost beyond $1,000. High resolution is key to a better gaming experience. 
  7. Brand. While the brand isn’t a big factor, we recommend that you get your gaming monitor from a company you can trust. Many local brands have amazing monitors, and you can expect them to offer amazing support, even when the price isn’t over the top. 

Check now to find more on gaming monitors, and check for deals and offers, which are more likely to be found on online store that have limited retail overheads. You may also want to check if there is any warranty on the product, especially if you are buying one of the expensive models.