Bitcoin Web Hosting – Why Should You Go For It?

Any website owner wanting to pay using Bitcoin or having great concern about privacy should choose Bitcoin web hosting. Your search for good bitcoin hosting options will tell you that Bitcoin is being accepted as a payment method by more and more web hosting companies.

Increased Anonymity and Privacy

Your need for anonymous hosting and privacy is addressed by Bitcoin web hosting companies that have several hosting plans with assured privacy and anonymity. They cash in on the popularity gained by Blockchain technology by making Bitcoin a payment option. Additional options for anonymity are available as well.

Service, plans and specializations

You may want a basic, non-fancy hosting service or dedicated server hosting. Bitcoin web hosting has multiple plans that meet your needs. VPS hosting is also offered for those wanting to reap the advantages of a dedicated server without spending too much. Plans have configurable options that make customization based on needs, budgets, and technical skills possible.

Hardware, infrastructure and Control Panel

Configuration is customizable with extensive options available for various hardware and software options. A standard Control Panel comes bundled with all shared hosting plans. It allows the installation of open source content management systems in one click.

Support and Customer service

Support is available round the clock throughout the year. It takes around 30 minutes to get a response after a ticket is submitted.

Server monitoring and backups

A fee-based model of backups offering 50 GB, 100 GB, and 250 GB storage sizes is used. Also available for a fee are server software updates. They can either be fully managed or self-managed. Also available are malware clean-up and monitoring.

Uptime guarantee

Bitcoin web hosting guarantees an uptime of 99.9 % in the least. Based on downtime, they will refund anything from 5% to 100% of their monthly fee.