Facts About Mulesoft Technology

Mulesoft technology is a software company operating in the United States, Europe, and Asia. The company offers cloud-based enterprise integration software that enables customers to automate data and system integration, enable new digital business models, manage complex customer interactions across channels, and quickly deliver new insights from connected data.

Mulesoft has invested in several startups, including Coudert Brothers Holdings, Event Hubs, Zendrive Technologies Inc., and GrowBiz Solutions Inc. The list of investments began to grow as the company ventured towards a broader ability to innovate with companies such as Accenture plc., Skokie-based technology services providers Accuro Systems Inc. and Informatica Corp., and cloud software companies Constellation Research, Inc. and Acquia Inc.

When it was founded, Mulesoft employed 150 people. By 2006, the company had grown to over 400 employees. By 2010, Mulesoft had grown to 1,000 employees. In early 2013, Mulesoft announced it would become a public company via an IPO on NASDAQ and that it would be hiring 1,500 new staff members in the next 18 months.

Mulesoft offers customer engagement software that provides a single platform for interaction across different customer touchpoints. It lets companies automate workflows for new and existing customers by putting information into strategic context to engage with customers and prospects through personalized interactions across channels such as phone calls and in-person meetings.

The system enables companies to discover and engage with customers in ways that are specific to their needs. The company can also automatically ensure that messages sent over email are presented best for a particular contact, depending on their role and company culture. Mulesoft can be used so that a customer service representative can compile a list of FAQs to be sent on behalf of the customer by one of the two or three people who might receive the message — with all the relevant information pre-populated into these messages, avoiding email send delays.

Mulesoft delivers analytics across channels and systems to help companies improve their performance. This allows companies to put real-time analytics data into strategic context to enhance decision-making and optimize business operations.

Mulesoft online training is direct from the customer’s desktop or mobile device. This customer training is accessible 24x7x365. They view their coursework online, complete a course with a specific amount of time available to answer questions, review the training materials they’ve achieved, and receive feedback on their progress. They then complete exams by answering questions throughout each module to succeed on those exams. Mulesoft has over 600 certifications and credentials available for its customers to earn, including those for leaders in retail, media, insurance, and manufacturing companies worldwide.