Five unconventional methods for determining the age of an email address

since there’s rarely a clear way to find out when an email account was created, figuring out how old it is might be difficult.

1. Date of domain registration

If the email address is from a custom domain (such as name@company .com), you may use WHOIS databases to find out when the domain was registered. Although the email address could not have been established prior to the domain being registered, this will provide you with the earliest date that may have been conceivable. Also see detect email address age

2. Internet resources or social media

Email addresses are occasionally used by users to register for a variety of online services, including social media. The date of the earliest activity on these platforms may offer an indication if the email is linked to such accounts.

It is vital to remember two things:

This is not a perfect indication. Users may provide a different email address when they first register on a social network. Therefore, even if there is a good chance that this would happen, the email’s existence is not guaranteed after it is registered in the social network.

It might be difficult to verify the email connected to a social network account. Importing email contacts straight from Facebook into the email account provider of your choice is one way.

3. Examination of compromised information

A data breach is generally defined as an event in which data is extracted or pilfered from a system without the owner’s knowledge or consent. Customers can check whether their data has been a part of any known data breaches by using public services that gather information about data breaches. The email address was probably active at the time of the breach if it can be found in one of these databases. This might give the earliest date that the account could have been created. One resource for this kind of information is

4. Cross-referencing additional data

You may obtain a more precise estimate of the account’s age by cross-referencing the breach data with other details you possess about it, such as prior correspondence or social media sign-ups. This is an extra verification that improves the likelihood of determining the accurate creation date of an email address. It’s crucial to remember that there is also no 100% assurance of success in this area.

5. Googling

A technique called “Google Dorking” uses search engines to find material on public servers. You may use a variety of search operators in Google Dorking to determine the production date of an email.
It’s important to keep in mind that using Google Dorking should adhere to moral and legal requirements, as well as not jeopardise other users’ security or privacy.