Importance of whitespace in web design

Having a good-looking website is crucial for the growth of the company. Nowadays, with 80% of the world population searching the Internet from mobile devices, the website of the company must reflect what the company stands for, its values and beliefs, and what they want to convey. Contact website design Malaysia for all your website designing needs.

Whitespace is one of the most underutilized and overlooked sections of the website. Designers love to have whitespaces in the website layout, while website owners want to fill up the whitespace. According to website owners, whitespace is a waste of the website real estate. However, whitespace is a crucial part of website design.

Importance of whitespace

Whitespace can be referred to as the primary building block of a good website design. When designers discuss whitespace, they refer to the negative space. The negative space is the space that is present between elements in a specific composition. Whitespace is the section of the space that has been left unmarked. It can be the space between margins, graphics, or gutters. It is also the space between the rows, the columns, between the lines, etc. Whitespace is responsible for providing breathing room to the eye. Go to web design KL for website development

Whitespace is crucial for maintaining a good website design. If used correctly, it can transform the look of the website and provide numerous advantages in the process. Whitespace makes it easy for designers to develop good layouts that are easy on the eye and allow people to continue reading.

Advantages of whitespace

Increases legibility of the content.

The presence of whitespace between the paragraphs and around block sections helps people understand what to focus on and provides a better user experience.

Increase interaction

Most often, visitors are in a hurry when they are scanning a website. Having a good level of whitespace can help avoid distraction and draw the attention of the user to what is important and should not be overlooked. Whitespace has been observed to increase comprehension by around 20%.

Highlight call to actions

The easiest way of allowing something to stand out is to make it bigger. Images or buttons can be made larger. However, having them surrounded by whitespace can be equally effective.

Impressive sight

The first impression of your site matters. You get only 1/10th of a second to make that first impression. Good color schemes, solid layouts, etc., add to the good impression. However, whitespace has a different level of importance because it implicates ingenuity and finesse. Whitespace does not make the website minimalistic or neutral. If used in the right way, it will add elegance to the website.

Whitespace is responsible for creating balance and harmony and helps brand your design correctly. It can also act as a lead to direct the reader from one section to another. Your goal should be to have an uncluttered website that delivers the information that the user needs. Having whitespace at the right sections would only add to your reader’s appreciation of your website.