Is Your Brand Sustainable?

While consumers will always place a high value on a great deal, and a product or service that solves a problem or satisfies a desire, in 2021 there’s something else that has profound meaning to them. Sustainability. So while your Ecommerce agency does a great job promoting the value for money you provide, alongside your winning product or service, you can further strengthen your brand by showing your consumers you care about the planet. Your customers will love you for it.

A recent global online survey indicated how important this is to consumers all over the world. 81% of respondents said they “feel strongly” that companies should help to improve the environment. While it is tempting to think that this passion for corporate responsibility comes from a younger demographic, the survey showed it is a feeling broadly shared across gender lines and generations. While Millennials, Gen Z and Gen X are certainly the most supportive of sustainability in business, their older counterparts weren’t too far behind. Environmental awareness has no generational “blindspots”, and this is something to remember as you formulate future digital marketing campaigns.

Market research shows that people are not just saying these things in surveys. They’re voicing their views through their purchasing decisions. Consumers are now actively seeking out and engaging with brands that are conscious about the environment. As climate change keeps environmental issues in the headlines, it makes sense for brands to highlight their sustainability in 2021.

A notable example of a brand that has captured the spirit of sustainability is The Ocean Cleanup. Late last year, they presented their first product to the world: sunglasses made from ocean plastic harvested from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch; this is the name given to the enormous collection of marine debris in the North Pacific Ocean that extends from the west coast of the USA to Japan. Each pair of sunglasses is calculated to enable the collection of 24 football fields worth of debris from the Garbage Patch, and all proceeds will help to fund the next cleanup operation.

Not every brand has to go to the extremes that The Ocean Cleanup has. But there’s an undeniable shift towards creating a more sustainable future in more simple ways. This could be through using environmentally-friendly packaging, or investing in a clean and green vehicle fleet, or sourcing stock from ethical producers. So, how can you make your brand sustainable? What can you do as a business that is good for the planet? Whatever it is, employ a great digital agency to tell the world all about it and make it a big, unmissable part of your marketing in 2021, and beyond.