Knowing about GDPR, CCPA for Effective Monitoring

The world has now come on a single platform of the internet. Moreover, the employees too are now working from home by entirely depending on this one platform of Internet. However, this single platform has been the cause of many thefts and threats for the past few years.

Since the time these websites and other platforms have come into being, the chances of theft and hacking have gone highly above. The unstoppable participation of people in various sites has also resulted in severe safety issues in the world. The corporate world is hence, the most scared and the most unhappy with these happenings and concepts.

A vast majority of people working in the world belong to the corporate sector. Therefore, in this particular field, there are exceptionally high chances of any sort of data breach or data theft. Thus, to control this to some extent and to keep a close eye on the activities of the employees, the employers decided to use any sort of Employee Monitoring Software. The Software enables the employer to keep a check on the emails and websites of the employee so as to know who is sharing what.

The Work Examiner is one such Employee Monitoring Software that protects the company to a large extent by giving the employer time to time update upon the activities of his/her employees. In order to know more about Work Examiner do go and visit their official website link.

But, as a matter of fact, the employee monitoring software cannot fully ensure the protection of the company. Hence, there are some regulations that were introduced by some companies in order to prevent the breach of data. These are those regulations that every individual should be aware of.

Regulations by various countries

  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) – The GDPR is primarily originated from Europe with the main aim of privacy concern. This regulation came into effect in 1995. The kind of data that this GDPR protects is the basic information regarding any person, Data related to web pages such as IP addresses, Data related to Health and Genes, Data related to Sex Orientation, much more.

Any company which is considered with a company of Europe has to follow this regulation.

  • CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) – The CCPA is invented in California to protect and enhance the privacy of their citizens. This law was finally signed in 2018. The main purpose of this is to know where the data has gotten access, to say no to data access if not right, order the company to delete the personal information of the consumer if gathered.

These are some regulations that have been started by several countries in order to ensure proper and safe exchange of data whenever required. India too has some cyber laws which are in high effect and the breach of those is punishable.

The security concerns are really high when the employees are working from home. The employee monitoring software ensures and restricts any wrong exchange of data between the employee and the client. The employer gets to have full access to whatever the conversation is between the employee and the client.

However, in all the contexts, the privacy of the employees must be given the topmost priority.