Make Your Own Disc Duplication Tower in your own home

Nowadays, many individuals rely on disc duplicators to produce large-scale media products, for instance DVDs and audio CDs. While using the proper equipment and disc packaging materials, this is often frequently a really lucrative company. The awesome factor in regards to this is you don’t have to spend immeasureable money to create your very own DVD duplication business. Just buy a blank media and CD/DVD duplicator equipment, and you’ll be ready.

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A specific practical DVD duplication equipment you might earn a might be a duplicator tower. Disc duplication towers are created to concurrently create multiple copies within the DVD. If you’d like in order to save effort and time, you have to create a disc duplication tower in the.

What You Ought To Need:

  • Old PC unit
  • Nero Burning ROM
  • Several DVD-RW Drives
  • DVD Drive
  • Blank CDs
  • Unused ribbon cable


  1. Ready your computer. You can buy a secondhand unit, or go to whichever old model you’ve lounging. As extended because it offers a properly-functional hard disk and expansion ports in-front inside the situation to adding disc drives, you are.
  1. Buy a copy drive. Open your PC’s situation, then slide the DVD drive inside the first expansion port. Through an unused ribbon cable, plug the little plastic finish that is not connected to the motherboard, powering the drive. Your DVD drive is becoming put on your motherboard.

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  1. Check the amount of expansion ports you’ve left, and obtain the identical DVD-RW drives. Attach individuals for the pc similar to whatever you did for your DVD drive.
  1. Purchase a Nero Burning ROM and push the button inside your PC. Nero is a great DVD/CD author utility that could burn concurrently using several drives.
  1. Put the original DVD you have to copy in DVD drive. Hold the blank CDs and insert them in another drives.
  1. Open the installed Nero. You will find this inside your desktop. Choose the “Disc Copy” option. Nero will instantly recognize the DVD you have to copy (inside the DVD drive), since her data relating to this. Additionally, it checks the blank CDs throughout individuals other attached drives.
  1. Click the “Write” button. The DVD will most likely be copied for your blank CDs, all concurrently.