Things To Know About The Huawei Fitness Band 4 

There is a lot of noise in the market about Huwaei fitness band 4, as it comes loaded with features. Let’s discuss the Huawei fitness band 4 fitness trackers, Huawei’s latest wearable device. 

The Functionality Of The Huawei Band 4

This Huawei fitness band 4 is highly similar to the Honor Band 5 in terms of functionality; however, it is much more primitive for some reason. Time, steps, distance, calories, date, sleep tracking, timer, stopwatch, weather, heart rate tracking, alarm clock, and phone search are all included. However, there is no pulse oximeter. 

The only modes available are running (on the street and the treadmill), rowing machine, walking, exercise bike, ellipse, and free training. What isn’t there? In the pool, swimming. On the other side, there is a street cycling mode in Huawei fitness band 4, although it is only available in EMUI shell versions 5.0 and higher or OS 9.0 and higher, for some unknown reason. Design, materials, element placement, and ergonomics are all factors to consider. 

Huawei Band 4 has a more minimalist look; however, it is a touch “complex.” It is flat, with 2.5D rounding at the corners and an oleophobic coating on the glass in front. The screen is encased in a dark grey plastic frame, which also houses the glass. There’s a small oblong button at the bottom that looks like an EMUI navigation button. 

Without a strap, the module’s dimensions are 56 18.5 12.5 mm along its whole length. However, the viewable region is much smaller – roughly 46 mm in size. With a strap, Band 4 weighs 24 grams. And, say what you want, but this tracker is precisely the same as the previous one, except the Honor brand. In truth, there isn’t much of a difference; it’s just as comfy and can be worn all day. 

A screen and a touch button, as previously indicated, are located on the front panel. The sides are empty on the ends, the top has a strap mount, and the bottom has more contacts. They are required for billing. On the back, there are service markings and a sensor window that barely protrudes beyond the surface. 

Of course, the bracelet is moisture-resistant and has a 50-meter water resistance rating. This is plenty to allow you to relax and wash your hands or take a shower without having to remove the bracelet from your wrist. 

Display Huawei Band 4

The Huawei fitness band 4 has a touch-sensitive screen made of TFT technology and has a resolution of 160 x 80 pixels with a diagonal of 0.96′′. 

Despite the matrix design, the display is bright, and viewing angles are good. The only thing that sets it apart from the competition is the dark depth. There are five brightness options to choose from. In most circumstances, 2-3 levels will suffice, but if the sun is exceptionally bright on the street at a specific time, you may need to raise it to the 4th or 5th.